Dr. Seuss was not even in the general area of fucking around.

#everyone thinks of dr seuss as some sweet old guy who wrote kids books and made up cute words#little do they know he was the most hardcore political motherfucker to ever draw cartoons for newspapers of all time basically#he was of german and jewish descent and got bullied a lot as a kid#then he grew up and drew cartoons for the school paper#and when he got fired for being to fucking real for the paper to handle he made up a new name and KEPT SUBMITTING THEM ANYWAY#BECAUSE HE NEVER FUCKED AROUND FOR A SECOND#DID YOU KNOW DR SEUSS DID A FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY AFTER WWII ABOUT HOW WWII WASN’T ACTUALLY OVER AND THE NAZIS WERE STILL ALL AROUND#IT WAS CREEPY AS ALL FUCK AND MORE HARDCORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW#IT WON A FUCKING OSCAR OR SOME SHIT#HE DID KIDS BOOKS ON A WHIM HIS REAL TALENT WAS DISMANTLING FASCIST REGIMES WITH ADORABLE BLACK AND WHITE SKETCHES OF TURTLES#OH YEAH AND YURTLE THE TURTLE WAS ABOUT HITLER#AND THE SNEECHES WERE ABOUT SEGREGATION#SO FUCK Y’ALL AND YOUR CANDY-ASS VISION OF DR SEUSS

I think almost all of his stories have a deeper meaning and Horton Hears a who was written as an apology to the Japanese after WWII

Holy guac

Also the Pro-life movement used his line “a person’s a person no matter how small” on their literature without his permission, and he made them stop using it an apologize because he was pro-choice.

okay but before reading the caption I thought these were contemporary cartoons in the style of dr suess, and the fact that these are so relevant again is pretty scary

Someone needs to send these to Melania.

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It’s crazy how being lean and looking fit consumes almost everyone who gets serious about fitness. I almost feel as if it’s inevitable to want to look a certain way. It almost doesn’t even matter how much you tell yourself it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it does. It’s okay to feel certain ways about you. It’s how we don’t feel complacent( whether it’s strength gains or just looks alone). Just remember your looks are the LEAST Informative and interesting things about you. You can’t really deduce any kind of worthy traits based on someone’s looks. Just because you look amazing, doesn’t mean you’re a wonderful person. There are as much crappy people as wonderful people on social media.
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dierdrefit: It’s crazy how being lean and looking fit consumes…