So this summer I started a fitness regime, because I had lost all of my toning and was feeling so uncomfortable in my skin, I wasn’t eating badly (the odd treat) and I was exercising pretty regularly, but I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted, because I wasn’t being consistent enough!
I found fitness-fits-me ’s plan and thought I’d give it ago, I mean it costs a small amount but at least that might make me do it!
I am amazed by it! This is AFTER ONE WEEK! The first picture taken sometime at the beginning of last week and the others followed every couple of days. I don’t always stick to the diet plan because I have special dietary requirements but I have stuck to the workouts, they are tough but make you feel so good afterwards! I can’t believe the toning I’ve got back after one week! I’m excited to see the results after the next 3 weeks and beyond!

Girl got abs!

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I know I never (personally) post things like this but I saw this on the news and I really wanted to share it.


Guys the party happened yesterday – look how happy he is!

😒 so cute!!!!

yes yes yes! ☺️


There is still so much good in the world😊✨ I am so happy his spirits were rejuvenate!

I will forever love this post I am crying goodbye I want to marry this man

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So I haven’t posted here for ages, but i have definitely been continuing on my fitness journey. My life has changed quite a bit, but for the better, and I’m in a great place with my fitness and training now. Still not where I want to be, but working towards it so much more efficiently now. Hoping to get this blog active again to give and receive motivation and knowledge!

Look at me deadlifting 50kg here back in April. I hit the 100kg club in June. Work hard. πŸ’ͺ🏼

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